Wiwi’s Top Tips

Otherwise known as “Questions Mum’s friends have asked”.  Well it’s not just Mum’s friends, but my own friends and people I work with often ask me about travelling in Europe, or sometimes just travel in general, and I’m always willing to chip in my 2c.

I’m not sure whether it’s because they know I’ve been to most countries in Europe, done both tours and independent travel, look instantly interested whenever someone mentions a holiday, or whether I just foist my opinions onto them (I’m afraid it could be the last one!!) but I often find myself talking about the same things when I talk travel tips.

Imagine gazing at this view whilst sipping an icy cold Limoncello…

Since they seem to be well received (or else everyone I speak to is unfailingly polite!) I have started getting my thoughts together about how I go about planning my own holidays and the things I think about.

Here they are so far….

New! My tips for how to choose what lens to take on safari

My Top 15 Tips for choosing a European Tour

My Top Tips for deciding how long to go for and thinking about a budget

My Top Tips for planning your trip and allowing for spontaneity

As I think of more, I’ll add them, but in the mean time I hope they are even the littlest bit helpful for you.  I’m always keen to hear new ideas so if you’d like to share some of your own tips, please be my guest!

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