About Wiwi

Did someone say travel???

Hi, I’m Olivia a.k.a. Wiwi and I am addicted to travel.

Exploring the Roman Theatre in Orange, France.

I lose my will to live unless I have a holiday or 2 in the planning – ask me about travel at your own risk, you may or may not walk away with both ears still in tact!

I’m fortunate enough to have visited all 7 continents and 74 countries so far, but my Bucket List keeps growing. The more I travel, the more I want to see, and the more I see, the more I want to see it all over again…

I’m hoping Antarctic is NOT a once in a lifetime trip!

My past travels have been varied – anything from lugging a backpack through South America with a $10-a-day budget and a film pocket camera,  to renting a French chateau or exclusive beach house accompanied by my closest friends, a DSLR and a range of lenses.

These days I love to travel slowly – renting comfortable and atmospheric accommodation with my travel posse, and really taking my time in exploring and enjoying my location.

And if there’s wildlife involved, I’m at my peak travel euphoria.

I met this beautiful lady in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

When I’m not traveling, I’m based in the Brisbane, Australia.  I work as an analyst for a major travel company so I guess you could say I eat, sleep and breathe travel!

Uluru at sunset

Travel aside, there’s nothing that gives me more joy than inspiring others to go out to explore and see the world through their own eyes. It was trying to capture the beauty of my travels that sparked my interest in photography.

As it says on my home page, the world is too big for one lifetime, and one lens!

I’m always happy to talk travel so feel free to contact me if you’d like more information on any of my travels.

I hope you enjoy my travel and photography musings but most of all, feel inspired to get out there and see the world for yourself!

Happy Travels!

If you’re wondering why Wiwi? My name changed forever the day my 2 year-old goddaughter couldn’t pronounce my name –  Olivia became “Weewee”.  Friends and family quickly saw the hilarity of this and it stuck.  Since I’m half Kiwi, I went with a slightly different spelling so Wiwi it is.

My camera gear:

Canon 70D
Canon 550D – given away to our Masai guide to train new photography guides
Canon 10-22mm
Canon 15-85mm
Canon 50mm f1.4
Canon 70-200mm L IS f4
Canon TC 1.4x MkII
Canon 430ex flash
GoPro Hero 7 Black

Borrowed for Africa – Canon 100-400mm L IS II


  1. Seems to be a big blank spot on your travel map there wiwi, in my neck of the woods, the caribbean, you need to come on down here and experience it. Best of luck with the site et al, I myself love travelling and I can share your enthusiamsm for both travel and photography as they are a match made in heaven. Well done
    KInd regards


    • LOL, there certainly are quite a few blank spots which I hope to rectify in the future! I’ve always wanted to go to the Caribbean so I’ll definitely go one day. Thanks so much for your comment, Ziad!


    • That was just my first draft!!!! I need to go back and finish it, but I’m afraid of how long it’ll be by the time I’m finished with it! Thanks so much for dropping by.


  2. Merhaba! As am admirer or your work, I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award – pop on over to my page http://crazytraintotinkytown.com for details. Appreciate these awards involve some work, so please take your time or if you have received them before, my apologies but it’s still nice to know someone appreciates your blog. May your day be filled with sunshine


    • OH WOW!!!!! Thank you SO much, this is so exciting! And here I thought it was just my Mum reading my blog 🙂 I’m not entirely sure what I need to do but hopefully I will do it justice. Thanks again, you’ve made my day.


    • Oh you lucky thing! That would be my dream, Italy is such a special part of the world, I just can’t help wanting to keep going back! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!


  3. I love your blog and I wanted to do something to really show my appreciation for all your beautiful photos and posts so, I’m giving you this award … the Beautiful Blogger Award. If you’d like to honor other bloggers with this award, you can see how to do that in the post at my blog. If you’d like to simply receive the award and enjoy the honor, that’s fine too. Just know that I think you’ve got a great blog and I thought all my followers should know it too. Have a great night! 😀


  4. Olivia aka WiWi (lol) I came across your Blog via Debra Kolka (thanks DK) and what a wonderful surprise. Just what I like so much, travel, travel, travel, photography, POPPIES, etc etc. I will come back to you in a day or two, if I may, after I had time to go through every single one of your previous posting. For now I will subscribe. PS Did you ever visit SOUTH India??


    • Oh wow, I’m so thrilled you enjoyed my blog aka my vague ramblings! Please make yourself at home! I’ve never been to India (it’s very high on my list!!), but I have been to Sri Lanka which I’ve heard is very like South India. Are you going?


  5. I’m going to Australia in 2013; I have some friends there. I agree with the Sept 12 2012 comment above: visit south India.

    Thank you for this blog. Bloggers like you inspire me to travel more.


    • Thank you so much for this award and my apologies for my tardiness in replying! I’ve been hard pressed to find time to visit my blog recently so I’m not sure I’ll be able to pay it forward, but thank you so very much for thinking of my and my piddly little blog 🙂


  6. Wiwi need to add Masai Mara in Kenya in the bucket list. It is such a wonderful place especially in August during the wild beast migration across the River Mara to the Serengeti.


    • Talk about coincidence – for the last few months I’ve been hatching a plan to do that exact thing this coming August!! You must be a mind reader 🙂 Any tips?? Thanks for your comment.


      • This would depend on how much time you want to spend around here, if you are here for a week, then the city is sufficient. You’d be able to visit the Nairobi National park which is within the city boundaries, the national museum, other museums within the city and maybe visit Mt. Longonot for a hike. It depends on you I should say


  7. WOW just had a flick through some of your photos. Some wonderful shots.
    Its Kari here, found your site, often think about you. Would love to get in contact. xx


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