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Have you ever decided on a whim to throw caution (and budgets) to the wind and splurge on something that turns out to be one of the most breathtaking experiences of your life so far?? I seem to be becoming a bit of a fiend for this, and my latest splurge of a joy flight over Uluru and Kata Tjuta did not disappoint.

We decided on a sunset flight hoping for some spectacular colours and were excited to learn that for some reason we were the only 2 booked for that afternoon – we would have a plane to ourselves! IMG_5667

As our little aircraft took off from Uluru airport, I saw why people may have decided against a flight that afternoon – it was pretty hazy.  I was miffed.

Oh well, I would just have to make the most of it.  We passed Uluru and although it was hazy, it was still beautiful.  IMG_5672

Then we neared Kata Tjuta and I had to remind myself to keep taking photos.  What from the ground looked to be domes nowhere near as impressive as Uluru turned out to be the most incredible rock formations I’ve ever seen.IMG_5682

As we circled around, the view constantly changed and I could see the valleys in between, the green edged water run offs from the rain a few weeks back and the incredible colour glowing in the late afternoon sun.IMG_5711IMG_5714

I was almost considering asking our pilot for a second pass and to skip Uluru altogether I was so impressed.  I’m so glad I didn’t, as even though another turn around Kata Tjuta would have been amazing, the Rock beckoned and proved that she wouldn’t give up her outback title without a fight.

Again, my preconceived ideas were turned on their head, and Uluru turned out to be every bit as spectacular from the air as Kata Tjuta.IMG_5742

The usual ‘loaf’ shaped image that had always been in my head was sliced as we flew past incredible striations, ripples and folds.  We could even see pools of water catching the light at the top.IMG_5744

As the sun sank lower, the colour intensified lighting up the rock with an almost theatrically improbable glow.IMG_5732

We needed to be back by dark, so with great regret we turned back toward home.  Over my shoulder the show continued and I could see Kata Tjuta putting in a final attempt to claim top billing.IMG_5760

Back at the airport with my feet on the ground, my head was still in the clouds reliving the incredible sights we’d just seen.  It had looked to be a stunning sunset even from the ground with clouds catching the last of the light, but nothing can compare with that joy flight.IMG_5791

If you’ve made the trek out to Uluru, do not hesitate to have an opportunity to see it from the air – you won’t remember how much it cost next year but the memories of it will last a lifetime.