Looking on the Bright (Orange) Side

As much as I love planning my adventures, I’m a huge fan of the unexpected. Sometimes things happen while you’re travelling and at first it may seem like a set back, but rolling with the punches can lead to the most extraordinary experiences.

So it was I found myself in Iceland, bogged in the snow in what was supposed to be a snow-worthy superjeep with gale force winds howling all around and our window of opportunity to get to the glacier rapidly dwindling.IMG_3236

We had spent a magical day touring the famous ‘Golden Circle’, marvelling at stunning waterfalls,IMG_3179

waiting for exploding geysersIMG_3153

and learning about the app that Icelanders check to make sure they’re not too closely related (there’s only 320,000 of them after all) before, well, you know.


The high point of the tour was set to be walking on one of Iceland’s largest glaciers. And then we got bogged.


The struggle to free ourselves involved our poor guide Sven (his real name) trying to let down tyres with bare hands and only a fleece against the elements. Oh and 3 other jeeps-full of tourists taking photos.

No sooner were we free, then we stopped to inflate the tyres….and got stuck again. We had to give up all hope of making it to the glacier.

And then the magic happened.

As the wind howled and blew snow in snaking lines, the sun sank low on the horizon and turned the snow bright orange. It glowed and I was mesmerised.IMG_3276

But it didn’t stop there. As the sun sank lower, the colours in the sky intensified and a spectacular sunset unfolded.IMG_3295

While Sven inflated our tyres one more time, we were able to brave the wind and quietly enjoy an incredible moment in an incredibly unique location.IMG_3318

Had all gone to plan, we would have been staring wistfully out of the window of our jeep speeding back to Reykjavik. Sometimes these little flies in our ointment really can turn out to be currants in our custard.


  1. Poor Sven! But what an opportunity for you, dear Wiwi, to photograph those incredible sunsets – this must have been quite a moment. Iceland!!! I wondered where you have travelled to – nice to see you back here on my screen again. Are you staying for a while?


    • Yes I did feel quite sorry for him but he didn’t complain. The moment was stunning and the photos really don’t do it justice. I have been a little on and off with my posting lately – work is taking most of my energy, but hopefully I can start being a little more regular! Thanks so much for your comment.


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