Amsterdam Reflections

If there was ever a European city to uncover an obsession, Amsterdam would be high up there. I’ve spoken before about my (not so) secret obsession with knobs and knockers, however my obsessions do not end there.

Probably equally as gripping is my obsession with reflections, and the canals of Amsterdam do not disappoint.IMG_1991

At the risk of being run over by a cyclist, or even running head first into a lamp post (that was embarrassing!) I spent a disproportionate amount of my time in Amsterdam with my head down, peering into canals.

You can get reflections anywhere, I hear you say, but the reflections in Amsterdam’s canals are just so interesting.IMG_1769

It becomes a quest to see how many gables you can fit into the one shot.IMG_1790

Or how many bikes.IMG_1994

Or how long a row of houses.IMG_2011

Or how many arches of a bridge.IMG_2137Rather than curing me, I think Amsterdam’s canals may well have made this obsession worse!


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