In the Hall of the Mountain King

Karl Pilkington once said “I’d rather live in a cave with a view of a palace than in a palace with a view of a cave”.


Although better known as An Idiot Abroad, he makes a good point.

However I think there may be some caves that would be both spectacular to live in and amazing to have as your daily view.

Kelly Hill caves on Kangaroo Island may just fall into that category.

It’s not the most jaw-dropping cave I’ve ever been into, but it does have a certain charm and there are ‘mites and ‘tites a plenty in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

The last thing I expected to find though, was a ballet shoe!

It’s also a cave where they allow you to don a hard hat and overalls and get down and dirty with the stalagmites, if that’s your bag.  We were short on time and en route to the airport so a show cave tour was all we could manage.


before the lights went out!

It was Remembrance Day the day we visited and we dutifully observed a minute’s silence to light of a single candle.

Afterward the candle was blown out and the darkness came crashing down around us.  And the silence was deafening.

It really must have been incredible to discover a cave and explore it by candlelight – I’m not sure I would have had the cajones for that!

What most impressed me though, were the translucent rock formations.  I’d never seen this in a cave before, and the guys at Kelly Hill had made sure the lighting highlighted the best bits.


After we climbed back into the sunshine, we took the long way back to the car park.

There are some lovely walking trails from the caves but we were short on time so a 10 minute stroll had to do.  Even so, we managed to see some incredibly old Grass Trees (around 500 years old I would think) and a pair of nesting Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos. Result!





  1. Amazing photos from an amazing place! In my opinion caves better look this way than how they did it in Vietnam and China with all the artificial lights.


  2. Nice trip and blog. I am still watching 🙂
    One thing I underestimated when in cave shooting, I couldn’t see camera handles 😦
    Sincerely, guinness


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