Imagine my joy when I received the news that my entry into The Weekend Australian’s “Follow the Reader” column had been accepted and I was going to be published!


It was just a silly little story about my even sillier Tragic 80’s 40th birthday party in France but it was to be published in a national newspaper and I was dead excited.

Obviously it’s an accomplishment that many have achieved before me, but I had all but given up hope since I’d sent in my submission 6 months ago and not heard a peep since.

I eagerly awaited the day my column would feature, and imagined the excited phone call from Mum, whose idea it was for me to enter and whom I hadn’t told I was to be featured.

The day arrived and I opened the newspaper full of excitement, only find my column re-written in the present tense, and shall I say, ‘condensed’.  Even though the story is my own more or less, it’s not really what I wrote.

And my Mum?  Well as it happens she hadn’t done her usual Saturday morning reading the paper ritual and I eventually had to ring her after lunch to tell her to look at the travel section.

So things didn’t really turn out as I had hoped or expected.  Can I really claim success when the end result was not wholly my own work? What do you think?

You can read my story in The Weekend Australian by clicking here.