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Today I took what are amongst the worst photos I’ve ever taken in my life.  It’s possible that a one legged blind man with only 2 fingers could have taken a better shot.

I started with high hopes, grabbing my camera as I raced out the door for work.  I knew I’d be in town in time for the partial solar eclipse and decided to stop for 10 minutes on the way to take a few shots.

And that’s where it all went wrong.

Taking shots of a solar eclipse is hard!  The sun was still so bright that even when I thought I had stopped down my camera enough, the first shot was still a blow out.

So then I went even further, using apertures I’d never thought I’d want or need, and knowing that my crop sensor camera was not built for this sort of punishment.

Hideous ghosting, flaring and all sorts of weird looks from construction workers wondering what on earth I was taking photos of ensued.

So this is it, my attempt at the solar eclipse that passed over Queensland today.  Next time I’ll just pop on stupid glasses and leave it to the experts!