I’ve Hit a Century!

Cracked the ton, chalked up 100 : however you’d like to describe it, I was very exited today to finally have reached that magical milestone – 100 followers! Queue the fireworks!

And what’s more, my 100th follower was none other than my godmother and Aunt, so thanks Aunty Nola!

While I’ve long suspected that it’s really only my family and friends who are reading my ramblings (and pales in comparison with those of you who count your followers in the thousands!), I’m still pretty excited about hitting triple digits.

A very big thank you to all of you who’ve come with me on the journey so far.

Now if I could just get all you 100 to comment and recommend me!!! 🙂


    • Ha I know, that was a bit cheeky! I find it so hard to believe your family doesn’t read your blog?? I love looking at all your wonderful Italian shots, although the downside is it does set my feet to itching!


  1. The lady who got me super-interested in blogging seems to have dropped off the radar. I used to enjoy reading about and seeing photos of her “food travels” around Cape Town South Africa. How do I (we) inspire her again? Well, I thought of asking some inspirational bloggers for help – bloggers who are active and inspire me.
    This message is being only sent to a handful of you – so if you get it and it’s on one of your comment pages; then you know that your site is one of my real favourites for food travel or photography.
    If you get a moment, please pop in and visit Amy’s blog “Miss Jones and the Elusive Food Orgasm”: if you see something you like then kindly let Amy know.
    You might want to perhaps start with: http://missjonesandtheelusivefoodorgasm.wordpress.com/2012/08/24/tables-at-nitida-the-best-burger-ive-had-in-a-while/ .
    Thank you in advance.


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