Face Down in the Water

It’s my favourite position on holiday. With a snorkel, of course!

I love floating face down in the water, voyeuristically watching fish going about their day to day lives.  There’s something really peaceful in floating along and absorbing yourself in a completely foreign world, and thrilling when you spot something a little scary or unusual.

Cowrie shell in the shallows

Most of my decisions on where to go for my holiday holiday are based around whether or not there’s good, accessible snorkelling, preferably right off the beach.  Luckily, I not only have friends and family who feel the same, but the South Pacific on my doorstep, so it’s not hard find a willing companion, or somewhere to go.

The Yasawas has some wonderful snorkelling, but unfortunately the visibility wasn’t the greatest during our week there – a taxi driver once told me the best water visibility is during July so I may need to investigate that further (any excuse!).  But even with the water sometimes a little murky, there’s still plenty to see.

a male cuttlefish flashes some colour at me in the gloom

A new discovery for me was Christmas Tree Worms – often found in pairs in the coral or rock.  I hadn’t really noticed these little guys before but they come in the most vivid shades of blue, yellow, cream, maroon and sometimes combinations. Wave your hand over the top of the guys and they’ll shoot back down into their tubes! Great fun.

Christmas tree worm (Spirobranchus giganteus)

With my new underwater camera (Lumix FT4), I was able to take ridiculous amounts of underwater shots and so here are the best of them, taken either off the beach at Blue Lagoon Resort or Navutu Stars Resort.


    • You didn’t like it or don’t think you’ll get the chance again? Fiji isn’t too far away from you, or else you could just pop up to QLD! I look forward to my snorkelling holidays so much!


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