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Or Grey Day Black & Whites to be more accurate.


I had some wonderful weather whilst in London recently, but there were some pretty dreary days where I ducked from cover to cover, battled brollies, almost lost an eye and looked glumly out from whatever shelter I could find.

Eventually the weather got so bad there was nothing for it than to dive into a curry house for cover in Brick Lane. And of course, while there, drown our rainy day sorrows in beer and bhajis. Or rose and raita (thanks Bec!).

It’s only now that I’m looking at the photos and working my way through them, that I realise I converted every one to B&W, even the indoor shots.

So is this just a coincidence, or do we just naturally think of glum weather as lacking in colour?

Or is it just an attempt to make my dull and dreary shots look like I meant them to look that way?? 🙂