Things to do in London on a Sunny Day

The title may have thrown you considering I used ‘sunny’ and ‘London’ in the same sentence, but London’s weather is like the girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead – when it’s good, it’s well good and when it’s bad it’s bleedin’ awful.

City Hall

Luckily for me, my first day in London was well good and after a morning spent deer stalking, I headed into town to see what I could see.

Top of my list was the view from the top of the Tower Bridge however my eagle eye spotted people at the top of London’s weird, egg-in-a-wind-tunnel shaped City Hall. I went to investigate and lucky for me, it was London Open House weekend when otherwise restricted buildings are open to the public. I went in.

View from the top of City Hall

The view from the top was spectacular, even if the wind was attempting to pull my hair out by the roots.  Surprisingly, equally as spectacular was the glass and steel spiral staircase that lead down from the 9th floor viewing area to The Chamber at the bottom.

The spiral staircase inside City Hall

After seeing this modern marvel, I had another in my sights – The Shard.  I had seen it on the telly during the Olympics and I was intrigued.  A short walk from City Hall and I caught sight of it – still in the final stages of construction from what I could tell, but incredible nevertheless.

Next on my hit list was a leisurely stroll along the waterfront.  When I first set out I wasn’t really intending to walk all the way to St Paul’s, but that’s where I ended up.  I did set foot on the Millennium Bridge for the first time so that was a bonus.

On the Millennium Bridge

You’re not allowed to take photos inside St Paul’s so of course I didn’t, but to give you an idea of what it looks like inside, here is a cathedral that looks remarkably similar….

Sneaky shot inside St Pauls

On this trip to London I was determined to see some squirrel action, and so after not taking photos inside the cathedral, I headed out the the lovely churchyard where I was immediately set upon by ravenous squirrels. The stalker turned into the prey!

I was stalking squirrels, but the squirrel starting stalking me!

One thing I hadn’t planned on was the number of Wedding Buses pootling their way through the city.  This must be the latest wedding craze as in one afternoon I spotted no less than 4 Wedding buses but then I guess every marriage needs a Routemaster…

A Wedding Bus!

It was starting to get late (and if I’m honest,  I couldn’t take much more of walking on the lava bags that had replaced my feet ) so I decided to head to my chosen sunset viewing location of Waterloo Bridge.  Somehow this morphed into Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Even though the warm stone looked lovely in the late afternoon light, this was not what I had in mind.

By the time I was halfway back to Waterloo Bridge (imagining the amazing sunset shots I was about to capture) the sun (and any colour) had completely disappeared and London reminded me that I was lucky to have had such a gorgeous day and a stunning sunset was a bridge too far….

For more shots of London in the sun, the interior of City Hall, squirrels and doors (!!) click here


  1. There’s a lot of new things in London since I was there last! I have not seen the City Hall before! Or the Shard! I really must go back there again soon…one day! Great squirrel shots!


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