Okay, so I’m spoiled…

….but I’m willing to get used to it!!!

Only the deranged or slightly masochistic look forward to economy longhaul flights, so although I was excited to be checking in on the first leg on my journey to London, I wasn’t particularly thrilled about the next 24 hours.

Imagine my sheer joy when the delightful Jacqui from Cathay Pacific check-in handed me a Business Class boarding pass to Hong Kong!

Interior of Cathay Pacific A330 Business Class

I immediately started thinking of the champagne I would enjoy, the food, the movies on a big screen, but in reality the best thing is the flat bed.

I stretched out fully on that sucker and promptly went to sleep for 6 hours. I can’t tell you how great it feels to have 9 hours of my journey down and not feel like something that’s just been hosed out of the elephant enclosure.

The Cathay Pacific crew were wonderfully courteous and attentive and I really enjoyed the privacy created when you lower the back of your chair – it feels like you’re in your own little cocoon.

So thank you Cathay Pacific, this is one happy traveler!


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