What’s your London Top 5?

London.  It’s one of the great cities of the world and certainly in my Top 5 Capitals of The World.  That’s lucky for me, as in a few short days, that’s precisely where I’ll be!

I love last minute adventure, and when my boss asked me if I was open to the prospect of heading over to London for work for a couple weeks, I didn’t dare hope that it would actually happen. Happily, it’s all come up Milhouse and I’ll be jetting off at the end of the week!

I spent almost 4 years living and working in London and since leaving have visited several times but never for more than a night or two.  It’s been 12 years since I left and faced with the opportunity of having some time to rediscover one of my favourite cities, I’m having trouble coming up with a short list of great photography locations and new places to explore, hence my question….

What’s YOUR London Top 5?

Little Venice








  1. I love London too, you lucky thing getting to go there for work! What a great opportunity. It’s been soooo long since I have been there. But, my London Top 5 would be Westminster Abbey (beautiful building and I love taking pictures of cathedrals and old architecture), Oxford St near Xmas time with all the fairy lights (probably not so helpful at the moment!), Hyde Park (squirrels, people watching, nature in the city), tiny, traditional English pubs and the double-decker buses (they’re so London how could it not be on my Top 5!!). Enjoy and can’t wait to see your photos 🙂


  2. Wow lucky you! I love London though haven’t spent much time there at all, but in no particular order: The walk along Constitution Hill and The Mall, especially when they’re closed to traffic (and of course St James Park in and around there); memorials in Hyde Park Corner; evening cruise on the Thames with sunset views of Tower Bridge and so forth as well as illuminated buildings – especially as you finish up near Big Ben / Westminster Abbey etc; Thames generally via the walkway and many bridges; remnants of the old city wall near Tower of London and in the financial district; inside the Tower is great with the stonework, chapel, and row of houses; old tube stations and also the signage inside as often there is great artwork and tiling (would have loved to go on a tour of closed tube stations but I think they happen very seldomly); St Pancras hotel is amazing. Have a great couple of weeks!


  3. When we lived there we loved walking from vaxhaul up the Thames towards the London eye. The most beautiful sights and amazing photo ops of beg ben, tower bridge, st Paul’s , war museum. Can’t go past Camden or Nottingham hill for people watching.


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