Memories are made of this….

One of my very favourite things about travel (aside from actually travelling),  is the memories it creates.  And the anticipation.

With my trip to Fiji coming up, another already in the bag (Japan in January!) and yet another in the casting-the-bait-out-phase (Kenya/Tanzania!), I’ve been thinking about how the enjoyment of travelling doesn’t end when you arrive home, and actually starts before you’ve even left.

So please indulge me while I take you on a little journey through some of my favourite travel memories… in no particular order…

My last continent – Antarctica!  Wow, this was a mind blower (I will blog about this in the future). Pristine wilderness and wildlife on tap, what’s not to love??

My 40th in Burgundy.  Most of my favourite peeps under one amazing roof with an incredible chef and ridiculous 80’s costumes and music.  Again, what’s not to love???

The Infamous 2005 Sangria Tour of Spain with my Mum and sister.  I loved being able to take my Mum away and hope I will be able to again soon.  Funnily enough, our favourite Sangria was the first one we tried!

My sister’s 40th Blue Lagoon Cruise in Fiji.  We were born in Fiji and left when I was 5.  I had always put Fiji in the same boat as Bali and thought she had rocks in her head.  How. Wrong. Was. I?? LOVED IT!





While we’re on Fiji, the first of many holidays for this particular group – full of laughter, Fiji Gold, champagne and poker.  They even sang  “The Gambler” for us on our last night.





Italy. I’ve been there a few times now but each time has not been long enough.  I loved, loved, loved being in the countryside near Siena with close family and friends, and backed that up with even more friends and fun times in a villa on the Amalfi Coast. The poppies were a bonus.

Watching the sun go down over the Adriatic from the medieval walls of Dubrovnik.  A very memorable 6 week adventure through Eastern Europe with my brother and his best mate, RIP.

Japan with my Mum visiting my sister when I was 17.  This was possibly the start of my love affair with travel. No photos to share, but stay tuned – there will be plenty next year!

The majesty of Iguassu Falls.  I really was not expecting this – I was blown away!  I thought “oh yeah, just a convenient sidetrip” but really, this took my breath away.  Add Victoria Falls to this as well, but that was pre-digital! 

Floating over the Loire in a hot air balloon.  Now I just need to repeat this over Cappaocia, the Serengeti, Tuscany…okay so perhaps I’m just being a glutton!

The Christmas markets of Europe with my sister. Christmas brings out the kid in me (like many things!!) and the twinkling lights, bright baubles and festive atmosphere are definitely a repeater.  Okay maybe the Gluhwein had something to do with it!!

And then there’s swimming with whales sharks in Mozambique, skydiving over Namibia, my first view of Machu Picchu and many, many more but that’s probably enough for now!  There are plenty more memories that I haven’t mentioned and plenty more I’m yet to have but I’ve enjoyed this little trip down memory lane.  What are yours??


  1. I have too many also!…coincidentally, Japan was my first trip overseas that started my love affair with travel, too! I loooooove your picture of the penguins! Stunning!


    • I know, I had far too many to include!! Funny that your first trip was also Japan – I remember it being so alien and unlike anything I had ever experienced!! So pleased you like my penguin shot- I was so thrilled to get it!


  2. Great question if impossible to answer but I’ll chuck in a few: polar bears in the wild, Formula One at Monza, CWGC cemeteries along the Western Front, staying in the Swiss Alps, girls’ trip to Fiji, war sites/sights in Vietnam, Gallipoli, visiting ancestral places in England, as well as several trips down in the amazing South Island here at home.


    • I would love to see polar bears in the wild!!! That is pretty high on my list of musts. It’s funny, after reading back the post, I’ve now thought of all these other wonderful memories I could have included, ah well, the joys of travel – too many memories to remember all at once 🙂


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