My (not so) Secret Obsession or Fifty Shades of Europe

I have an obsession that mainly manifests itself when I travel in Europe. I’ll be walking down a lane in a quiet village somewhere just minding my own business (aka sticky beaking), when BAM! from nowhere, my obsession will hit me.

Knobs and Knockers (oh Mrs!)

Volterra, Tuscany, Italy

Well actually, doors in general just to clarify for those thinking I’m coming over all “Fifty Shades” on you! Oh and archways  and windows are good too. Okay why not throw in a street lamp while I’m at it.

Ravello, Amalfi Coast, Italy


I just cannot help myself.  It doesn’t matter if the lighting is poor, the angle is wrong, it’s a sad little knob or even that I already have 100 just like it or better – I. Must. Take. Photo.


But aside from the done-to-death collages of ‘1000 Doors of Tuscany’, ‘Best French Knockers’, ‘Knobs of the World’ etc, etc; what does one actually do with all those knob, knocker, door, archway and window shots???


Not much, as it happens. Of the hundreds of shots of knobs and knockers (okay and doors, windows and lamps!) I have taken, a sum total of 2 (count them!) have made their way into frames and onto walls (actually not quite, they were last seen propped on a piano).

Annecy, France
Venice, Italy
Siena, Italy










So in honour of all those European knobs and knockers that have delighted and titillated me over the years, here are some of my favourites. Feel free to share yours!

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  1. Doors, windows and archways all take awesome pics…have never got into door knobs…you’re pictures are great! Maybe I’ll have to give it a try sometime 🙂


  2. Tis is the ?? 6th (I think) time today that I went into this site here, cant take my eyes off the Ravello pic. Beautiful – shades of “Alice in Wonderland” – Thanks Olivia


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