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You’re stuck at your desk at work.  It’s been months since you last had a travel fix. How do you cope?

For me, it’s by gazing longingly at the various photos I have scattered about my desk, or else counting down the sleeps until I get to go to one of my favourite places on earth – Fiji  (it’s 38 sleeps in case you were wondering!).

Someone asked me recently, “Why do you keep going back to Fiji?” and it’s a good question. With so much on my bucket list, why do I always make time for a flop and drop in Fiji???

1. The Islands

There are a multitude of gorgeous islands to choose from.  The Mamanucas and Yasawas  have loads of resorts catering to all markets and  are easily accessible from Nadi and should NOT be missed, even if only for just a day trip.

2. The Water

Crystal clear water teaming with colourful fish and coral.  Bang on my mask and whack on my flippers, I’m going in!!!

3. The Beaches

soft, white, deserted, perfect for a flop and drop!

4. The Cocktails

No tropical island holiday is complete without testing every cocktail on the menu.

5. The People

Fijians are beautiful.  Not only are they friendly and full of smiles, their laughter is the most infectious on the planet.  woo hooo hooooooooo

6. The Laughter

Enjoy your icy cold beer in crystal clear water, and laugh because you’re not at work.

7. The Sunsets

Grab a hammock, grab a glass, fill it with champagne, sigh and enjoy.

8. The Company

My regular Fiji posse are my favourite people to relax, have a laugh and be silly with (with a couple of notables missing!) so they deserve to be here in my top 10.  The peeps you travel with can make or break a trip.

9. The Distance

In just a few short hours, you too could be drinking in this vista.

10. The Duty Free Allowance

You can bring in 6 bottles, yes count them… 6 bottles of champagne!  

So yeah, there are loads of places and experiences on my Bucket List, but who could resist an icy cold glass of champagne, looking out over crystal clear water with the soft sand between your toes and listening for the ‘hiss’ as the sun hits the water?