Where to meet the good looking young men….

Today I met a legend – 95 year old Keith Wright, dubbed Australia’s oldest backpacker.  He’s about to embark on yet another overseas trip staying at youth hostels and mixing it with the locals – what an inspiration!!

Keith’s love affair with travel began when his wife died 10 years ago and since then he’s scrimped and saved to be able to travel as often as possible.  His favourite place?  San Sebastian in Spain, a hip favourite with the backpacker crowd for it’s long stretch of beach and happening tapas bars.

San Sebastian’s tapas bars are an experience not to be missed!

I was lucky enough to meet him today when he popped into my office to farewell his once travel agent and now close friend Christina, whom I have the pleasure of working with.  I told him what an amazing inspiration he is and how I hope I’m still going strong at his age.

His advice to me?  “Stay at hostels, that’s where you’ll meet all the good looking young men” !!!  HA!  What great advice and something my Mum will surely encourage!  I’ll certainly bear that in mind on my next trip to Europe.

You can read more about Keith by clicking here.  Who has inspired you recently?

It’s no wonder Keith loves it here!
The beach at San Sebastian


  1. I met a guy almost fitting Keith’s description when I was in Egypt in January, he hitched a ride in our bus for a few miles into the centre of the town our ferry arrived at from Jordan (I think it was a town called Taba). Retired, wife a passed away some time ago and had been backpacking around the world for a good 10 years surviving off his Australian pension. He looked to be a fair bit younger than 95 (but so does Keith!)


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