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One of the things I love about travelling, or just in general really, is coming across a four legged (or two legged!) friend and my latest trip to France was no exception.

Got Bread? Geneva

Perhaps one of the most amusing encounters was with the cat who ruled lived with the couple that ran the B&B we stayed at in Rousillon.  No sooner had we arrived and unloaded the car, then Le Chat decided to inspect our boot.  Luckily for her, I saw her just before I was about to lock the car, otherwise we may have had one cooked kitty on our hands.

Puss in Boot, Rousillon

So in honour of that curious cat, here are a few other furred and feathered friends whose company I enjoyed on my last trip.  Please free to share your favourites!

sunset collective in Les Beaux

No bread? Hmpf. Geneva

Hunting for handouts, Lausanne

…and still hunting, Lausanne

Les Beaux résident at sunset

How about a pat??

Bonnieux local

Joucas resident enjoying the early morning light