Macaron Day!

Macarons a la Pierre Herme


For a while, “Talk Like a Pirate Day” was possibly my favourite of all the random ‘Days’, but Macaron Day has to take the cake (or biscuit!).




Macaron Day, or Jour du Macaron in Paris, was created by none other than the fine purveyor of macarons that had me crossed-eyed over salted caramel in a previous blog – Pierre Herme ( click here).  This year the proceeds raised in Paris go towards helping Autism, but the charity changes each year.


Unfortunately not everywhere in the world has taken the Parisian lead but no matter where you are on 20 March 2012, what better way to celebrate Macaron Day than with a macaron!!  Run, don’t walk, to your nearest patisserie and do yourself a favour – get the salted caramel!!

fabulous fraise, but salted caramel is better!
A row of baked goodness
My new love - Salted Caramel!



  1. These macarons look gorgeous! Me and a friend tried making it the other weekend but were unsuccessful at getting the macarons to stay round. Had to practice more I guess. 😉


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