Naughty 40!

Of all the things I could have done on my 40th birthday, a Tragic 80’s party in a French Chateau is possibly one of the more random options.  Luckily, I have some adventurous friends and family who are willing to be as silly as I am and this birthday will definitely go down as one to remember!

The evening started with us gathering downstairs to point and laugh at ourselves and the silly costumes we had put together. Quite a few 80’s legends made an appearance such as Adam Ant, Madonna, Boy George, Tina Turner, Dolly Parton and Meatloaf.

I had organised a local chef to come and cook for us which turned out to be an excellent decision.  Toma (see his website ) arrived at 3.30pm and went straight to work.  Within minutes, delicious smells started wafting out of the kitchen. He didn’t even bat an eye lid when Adam Ant and Boy George popped into the kitchen to offer him a drink!

Our menu :

amuse bouche (very tasty pumpkin soup),

Raviolis with green artichoke & barigoule jus

Beef tenderloin with red wine and marrow

Trilogy of local cheeses

Dark chocolate fondant with salted caramel sauce (!!! indescribably good)

Our bouches were certainly amused by the end of dinner!!!

I had arranged to eat at 7pm and the first course came out right on time, and delicious!!!  Each course was better and better and possibly even more impressive than the amazing food, Toma began cleaning up as he went!  By the time we were all groaning  with full stomachs at the end of dinner, most of the dishes were washed and put away, the dishwasher was on and Toma was ready to mop the kitchen floor!

We were able to crank up the 80’s tunes and settle in to enjoy another night of questionable dance choices, bad singing, wig swapping and trying on Dolly’s bra without worrying about cleaning up – parfait!

Toma even agreed to have his photo taken with 11 fools!


  1. Best night ever!! What could top an 80’s party with our own french chef in a chateau? Thanks for turning 40 sausage……


  2. Can you get Berocca in France or shud that be Berroque? Epic party. Wish I was there. I was showing off ‘whereswiwi’ at work and Justin says “I’ve seen those photos. Does she work with Shiv at F.C.BNE?”. Small world. Only six degrees…..


  3. Mon dieu! What a fabulous way to celebrate the big 4-0! Trust you to do it in such style. A very Happy Birthday to you and enjoy the rest of your holiday.
    Love from Jo


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